🎮 GoraksyaA First Person Shooter 3D game developed mainly in C++. It uses Goraksya game engine which is specifically designed for this game.
🧟 ZombielandA very simple 2D survival game made with Godot game engine
🎮 2048 Game AIAn AI implementation in popular game 2048 with sounds added.
👨‍💻 Personal sitePersonal website build with Gatsby.
📈 BanijyaA business software solution developed with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
💬 HamroIMAn instant messaging platform developed with different HCI aspects in mind.
〰️ VisualizeATurn your sound into animated sphere and lines. It is a Computer Graphics project at Kathmandu University which was build with C++, OpenGL, SDL and some other library in Linux environment.
🐼 Dr. PandaAn android application to provide a convenient way to care for your pets.
📅 Event BoxEvents at your fingertips. It allows people to create and browse events nearby.
💝 september9An e-commerce website where you can find gifts.